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Greetings friend.. So you want to know a little about the WebCaster 'eh? Well, I'm 30 years old, I live in Lansing, Michigan with my gorgeous fianc Tracy and two crazy cats, George and Pete. Tracy is a Kitchen Manager for the T.G.I. Fridays Bar and Grill. (Yummy!) I work for the Gateway Computer Corp. It's a pretty hard job playing on computers all day. LOL I've had WebTv for since July of 1997 and have not turned it off yet. :) I have a lot of making pages, if you couldn't tell. I owe all my Html knowledge to the great friends and helpful people of Alt.Discuss.Html. I frequent that newsgroup often and even created a site called "The Who's Who of Alt.Discuss.Html" which shows the actual faces of the regulars of the group. If you a football fan, you might enjoy my football "Cheat Sheet". I am an avid football fan so I made this page to connect my favorite stats links. Tracy and I love to travel, camp, canoe, bowl, fish (mostly me), play games, and have an all round, good time. We also enjoy playing NTN Trivia at the local watering hole. So the next time you're in Lansing, MI, stop into Frank's Pressbox for a cold one and maybe you'll see us.

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